NaturalBlue™ and Bonded Logic

Bonded Logic, Inc is built upon recycling and sustainable manufacturing processes. We are proud to be the only thermal insulation manufacturer in the United States that performs textile collection, recycling, and manufacturing within the same organization. Bonded Logic’s vertical integration strategies allow us to offer cost effective and innovative products that challenge traditional material manufacturers. With over 35 years of thermal insulation manufacturing experience, Bonded Logic Inc is excited to bring our expertise to the packaging industry by introducing NaturalBlue™ Thermal Shipping Products. NaturalBlue represents a complete line of thermal shipping liners manufactured from recycled denim that are designed to maintain temperatures for perishable and other temperature sensitive shipments.


Every day in the United States, millions of temperature controlled shipments occur. These shipments originate from companies shipping food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, gifts, and a variety of other products that demand temperature control during the shipping process. NaturalBlue is designed to offer these shippers a high performing, cost effective, and sustainable upgrade over traditional foam/plastic based thermal protection products. The recycled denim insulating component of NaturalBlue can be formulated for compostability and biodegradation, offering smart and effective end-of-life disposal solutions. A variety of encapsulating materials are available to help support our customers’ brands. Logos, brand messaging, and a variety of customization options are available to help you and your shipments stand out from the crowd!


The advantages of NaturalBlue are not limited to sustainability. NaturalBlue can be manufactured to meet your exact thermal control requirements, and the thermal performance is equal to or better than most plastic or foam insulating materials at the same thickness.


Bonded Logic and NaturalBlue™ Thermal Shipping Solutions are excited to bring another level of innovation and sustainability to the packaging industry. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals of smart, reliable, and sustainable temperature controlled shipments.


Recycled Denim is shredded and repurposed
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