Gifts & Cosmetics Solutions

NaturalBlue™ Thermal Shipping Solutions offers the perfect product for shipping your cosmetics and gifts that require temperature and drop control. With a user friendly two-piece design, NaturalBlue is both easy to assemble and effective in maintaining your critical temperature thresholds. The recycled denim insulation that powers the performance of NaturalBlue offers many advantages over traditional plastic foam products.


These advantages include:


  • Performance – NaturalBlue offers the same or better thermal insulating performance than traditional foam based products when comparing equal thicknesses. With NaturalBlue, you don’t sacrifice thermal protection while shipping a more environmentally friendly product.


  • Drop Protection – NaturalBlue’s cushioning denim insulation provides protection from the rigors of the shipping process. Unlike rigid foam products, NaturalBlue absorbs impact forces and distributes the load evenly over the insulating pad.


  • Inventory Management – NaturalBlue’s innovative two-piece design allows for flat pack shipping and inventory stacking. Traditional foam coolers are expensive to receive and hold in inventory, while NaturalBlue helps make the best possible use of your space.


  • Damage Prevention – Due to the pliable and forgiving nature of the denim insulation, NaturalBlue products won’t be damaged by bumping them in the warehouse. While traditional Styrofoam coolers can chip or crack, NaturalBlue is damage resistant.


  • Odor Free – The recycled denim insulation used in NaturalBlue is not based on plastic or oil, eliminating the associated off-gassing risks. When you ship your gifts with NaturalBlue, you can be sure your customers won’t be complaining of strange odors and chemical smells.


NaturalBlue Thermal Shipping products are applicable for all cosmetic and gift payloads requiring temperature control including:


  • Lipstick
  • Wine
  • Confections
  • Make-Up
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Candles
  • Lotions
  • Gift Baskets
  • Product demo samples
  • Pies and Cupcakes

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