Natural & Sustainable

cottonNaturalBlue™ Thermal Shipping Products can be formulated in a variety of fiber blends and FDA approved encapsulating materials to address customers’ sustainability goals. These material choices can result in a thermal liner that is mostly biodegradable, allowing for effective end of service disposal options. Many municipalities operate commercial composting operations that can support the partial aerobic breakdown of the thermal liner, preserving valuable landfill space. This is a valuable product differentiator, as foam and plastic based thermal liners are not compostable or easily recycled. This attribute is particularly valuable to companies that are shipping direct to the consumer, as consumer preference is trending strongly away from using foam. For companies who are seeking to provide a fully recyclable thermal liner to their customers, Bonded Logic offers a return and recycle program. NaturalBlue™ products can be returned to Bonded Logic where the denim insulation component can be processed and used to manufacture new shipping liners. This enables a greatly extended life cycle for the fibers used to create the product.


In addition to the recycling and composting options for end of service, NaturalBlue™ begins its life as a product that contains up to 90% post-consumer recycled content. This is a unique and distinguishing factor in an industry currently dominated by unsustainable product offerings.


Recycled Denim Pockets




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